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Dino Fiorenza

Dino Fiorenza

‍After ‍classical ‍studies ‍in ‍Europe, ‍at ‍the ‍age ‍of ‍18 ‍Dino ‍began ‍to ‍play ‍the ‍electric ‍bass ‍in ‍local ‍bands ‍and ‍after ‍a ‍tour ‍in ‍Italy, ‍thanks ‍to ‍his ‍personal ‍bass ‍playing ‍(a ‍combination ‍of ‍8 ‍fingers ‍tapping ‍and ‍funk ‍slap), ‍he ‍played ‍with ‍many ‍top ‍players ‍around ‍the ‍world.

‍Dino ‍had ‍joined ‍as ‍session ‍player ‍before ‍becoming ‍teacher ‍at ‍in ‍many ‍schools ‍in ‍Italy ‍and ‍has ‍an ‍intense ‍didactic ‍activity ‍on ‍Skype. ‍

‍His ‍endorsement:

‍“Galli ‍strings”, ‍“Di ‍Marzio” ‍pickups, ‍“MarkBass” ‍Amps, ‍“Hipshot ‍D-Tuner” ‍hardware ‍and ‍“Sonuus” ‍Midi ‍devices ‍and ‍obviously ‍"Rigotti ‍Cables".

‍In ‍the ‍year ‍2014 ‍played ‍at ‍8th ‍annual ‍N.A.M.M. ‍Metal ‍Jam ‍(Neil ‍And ‍Michael's ‍Metal) ‍event, ‍feat ‍40 ‍of ‍the ‍world's ‍finest ‍Metal ‍Musicians ‍performing ‍classics ‍by ‍Monsters ‍of ‍Metal!

‍He ‍plays ‍at ‍Namm ‍in ‍Los ‍Angeles, ‍Musikmesse ‍in ‍Frankfurt ‍and ‍at ‍Music ‍China ‍in ‍Shanghai ‍for ‍his ‍sponsor ‍and ‍do ‍many ‍bass ‍clinics ‍around ‍the ‍world.

‍Besides ‍the ‍various ‍jobs ‍in ‍study ‍of ‍recording ‍as ‍session-player ‍near ‍the ‍"Waltz ‍Studios" ‍of ‍Boston ‍and ‍the ‍"Civitas ‍Studios" ‍of ‍Copenaghen ‍and ‍the ‍continuous ‍improvement, ‍Dino, ‍didactically ‍collaborates ‍with ‍the ‍prestigious ‍American ‍portals ‍ ‍and ‍, ‍over ‍that ‍with ‍the ‍various ‍Italian ‍Academy. ‍He ‍writes ‍for ‍the ‍Italian ‍magazine ‍"Guitar ‍Club" ‍and ‍"CHITARRA ‍ACUSTICA" ‍has ‍also ‍produced ‍5 ‍bass ‍method ‍books, ‍1 ‍didactic ‍DVD ‍for ‍bass, ‍and ‍in ‍the ‍year ‍2008 ‍signing ‍the ‍Gibson ‍wall ‍of ‍fame.

‍Dino ‍joined ‍with: ‍

‍Steve ‍Vai, ‍Paul ‍Gilbert, ‍Jennifer ‍Batten, ‍Prashant ‍Aswani, ‍Slash, ‍Zack ‍Wilde, ‍Yngwie ‍Malmsteen, ‍Billy ‍Sheehan, ‍Andy ‍Timmons, ‍Gaetano ‍Nicolosi, ‍Simon ‍Phillips, ‍Mistheria, ‍Neil ‍Zaza, ‍John ‍West, ‍Rob ‍Rock, ‍Mark ‍Boals, ‍Lance ‍King, ‍Titta ‍Tani, ‍Roger ‍Staffelbach, ‍George ‍Bellas, ‍Emir ‍Hot, ‍John ‍Macaluso, ‍Mary ‍Halley, ‍Ronnie ‍Keel, ‍Lee ‍Wilkerson, ‍Edu ‍Falaschi, ‍Massimiliano ‍Cona, ‍Atma ‍Anur, ‍Dave ‍Martone, ‍Prestoon ‍Reed, ‍Antonio ‍Ferlito, ‍Bicio, ‍Alessandro ‍Benvenuti, ‍Gianni ‍De ‍Chellis, ‍GD, ‍Jack ‍Speciale, ‍Andrea ‍Morucci, ‍Marco ‍Sfogli, ‍Alex ‍Argento, ‍Maurizio ‍Solieri.

Il basso di Dino con il mio cavo di segnale.
Un cavo di potenza speakon-speakon, un cavo di segnale e un cavo di alimentazione

Actual Dino’s cable set: a signal cable, a speaker cable and a power cord.

The Dino’s rig (with my cable) “at work”

Rigotti Cables

Via Rupi di Via XXIX Settembre, 27

60125 Ancona (AN)


Tel: +39 335 1360105


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