Rigotti Cables: About Us

Better than "about us" I should have written "about me" ...

Here I am: Gianluca Rigotti, born in 1965, grow up with the bass in my arms. The love for music has always been there, while the love for cables was born slowly, starting from my other passion, the high fidelity. I built HIFI cables for 15 years (actually I haven't stopped doing it yet) and during all this time I've been thinking about how I could bring the experience I was accumulating in the world of musical instruments.

The result of these arguments are the cables you see here.

The basic philosophy of my cables is: I want to do better and different things. I have no intention of being one of the many others that produces "good cables" ... the world is already full of "good quality" products. I want to produce cables that should be a real gap from current market standards: they must have better sound, they must be more robust, they must work for a long time, they must be perceived by the musician as a real link in the chain of their system and not as a simple accessory.

To achieve this I decided to change practically everything. When is possible I wrap conductors by hand, I use unusual geometries and sophisticated materials, I don't rely on foreign components unless I am obliged to. A cable of mine must exceed, and by far, the quality levels of the others that are actually the market. Otherwise I don't build it.

If I intrigued you with my ideas contact me: an email, a phone call, pick one... I am here.


In this video I’m osted by “Eravamo due amici al BASS”, italian video blog directed by Pietro Zaffuto and his channel Uni Versus

In this video I was interviewed by my friend Luca Raspatelli

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