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Carlo Angelo Tosi

Carlo Angelo Tosi is a bass player of the Milanese scene, singer and composer "underground-underground", as he likes to call himself. He was born in Milan.

His musical experience began listening and playing popular songs published by the label "Dischi del Sole", songs from Enzo Jannacci and Fabrizio De André.

A Beatles album with four tracks coming from England, unleashed in him the dream never gone away of becoming a rock musician. Thus the first band "Noi" was born. The band came to play at the Piper in Milan.

After the dissolution of the band, in the late seventies, Carlo Angelo Tosi joined for a short time in "The Waves di Via Capecelatro", a band that at its peak held a concert at the Palalido in Milan.

However soon Carlo Angelo left this group and retired from the scene. He reappeared shortly as a singer of "Blind Colours", a band quite famous in the Milan area. The band proposed a really unique genre in those years in Italy, music that was inspired at "Blood, Sweat & Tears" and "Chicago". The band arrived close to the commercial success, after an audition in the presence of Master Bonocore. Participation in the "Cantagiro" festival was within reach, but the band's elements gave up and preferred to continue their university studies. The band broke up after a short time.

Carlo Angelo switched to the real music "underground-underground", creating with some friends a new band of gestural music, "The Carpinchos", an ensamble mentioned in a book by Mario Maffi. The elements of this historical band, more unique than rare, have never announced their dissolution. The "uderground-underground" parties of "Carpinchos", also broadcast live by Radio Popolare, have remained unforgettable.

In the mid-nineties from the ashes of "Noi", grow up one of the oldest bands in the experience of our musician: "The Swimming Dragon Blues Band" or "SD(B)B", which broke up after fifteen years.

Actually Carlo Angelo Tosi is a part of two ensambles, the "Mysterious" (with the pseudonym "Vico") and the "Blind Colours Reunion", both as bass player.


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