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Diego Masiani

Diego Masiani was born in Prato (Italy) on Feb 9, 1998.

He began his musical experience with percussion in 2011 and then in 2012 he switched to electric bass which became his main instrument. For the first three years he studies as self-taught and despite his age he immediately begins to arouse interest in many musicians in the Prato area because of his good ear and his learning skills. Moreover, during this period, he already begins to gain experience in live concerts and in recording studios. In the following five years he continue his study course at the music school Giuseppe Verdi of Prato (Italy) with the teacher Mirko Verrengia where, in addition to studying bass, also makes experience in solfeggio. During these years he became the official bassist of the school’s “Magical Mistery Orchestra” where he also had to experience with the director  Riccardo Galardini, former director of the Sanremo orchestra, teacher and musician well known in Tuscany (Italy region). During these five years Diego also attended several Blues and Jazz courses where he had the opportunity to play with many musicians, ae guitarist and vocalist Nick Becattini. After these years he is interested in the real study of sound and sound frequencies, that currently carries on as self-taught.

He is also proposed as a Session Bassist for genres ranging from blues to pop but standing out especially in modern metal.

His current musical projects are: 

“Artist” of

His current instrumentation includes:


Diego Masiani YouTube Channel

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