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Ed Mud

Raffaele "Ed Mud" Fogliamanzillo born in Naples (Italy) on April 8, 1991.

He approaches music at a young age playing in various bands, including "Kafka Sui Pattini", an emerging group of the Neapolitan musical reality.

At the same time he enrolled at the "Giuseppe Martucci" conservatory in Salerno (Italy), where he complete his jazz guitar studies.

After these experiences, inspired by the music of the beat maker Lorenzo Dirton and influenced by artists such as Yuk, MNDSGN and Swarvy, he begins his personal research in the electronic music area.

He released his first EP "Reverse" in 2017. The album is based on intimate atmospheres of an ambient nature obtained with audio cassettes, reverb and noises produced by everyday objects, which transform the sound of Ed Mud into a "small journey through house walls".

Determined to work on a more introspective sound, he returns to the studio again. His second EP "Izumi" is released in 2018 and reflects the will of the musician to approach his own idea ofspiritual research, connected to the concept of oasis as a refuge and abstraction from all types of external pollution. To do this he blends the jazz and funky sounds, typical of the American musical tradition, with the Japanese culture to which he is very attached.

His first LP "Childhood" comes out on February 15, 2019. It is a sophisticated and autobiographical album much appreciated by critics, in which he shares some of the memories and atmospheres of his childhood, focusing on the introversion that characterized him in those years.

On February 24, 2020 in collaboration with Imma "Y'ma Drop" Tufano publishes "Saturn Flower", an EP that rejects the abstraction of life caused by the disproportionate use of social networks and seeks change and hope. It is a real way out that can lead back to the concept of wonder and dream, definitively escaping from the habit that it turns out to be the dictator responsible for an unchangeable climate.


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