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Filippo Macchiarelli

The bassist and composer Filippo Macchiarelli comes from an eclectic musical training: both classical and jazz studies at the Conservatory and at the same time opened to funk, rock and pop. Bassist and double bass player, singer, sideman and teacher, boasts a book of collaborations with leading national and international personalities such as Rosario Giuliani, Linda Values, Loretta Grace, François Corneloup, Greg Hutchinson, Ascher Fisch, Flavio Boltro, Nico Gori, Enrico Intra, Maurizio Rolli, Stefano Paolini, Daniele Di Gregorio, Giovanni Falzone, Kelly Joice, Gianni Giudici, Massimo Morganti, Joyce Yuille, Paolo Damiani, Giovanni Allevi, Dino Betti van der Noot and many others.

Former bass player of the Paolo Damiani "National Jazz Orchestra", winner of the "Abbado Award 2015" jazz section, he has won several national competitions ("Fara in Jazz", "Mediterraneo Jazz Festival", etc.) and has performed in prestigious reviews and many jazz clubs both in Italy and abroad.

He was recently selected nationally by MIDJ for an Italian-French artist residence by setting up an original music repertoire presented at the "Casa del Jazz" in Rome.

In his latest project "About Songs", published by Astramusic, he shows some of the most beautiful songs of british-american pop-rock tradition from the recent years (Peter Gabriel, Chris Cornell, Sting, Phil Collins, L.P. and many others) reinterpreted in solo bass and voice in a new look formal and acoustics.


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