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Francesco Attanasio

Francesco Attanasio was born in Catania on 27/07/1999.

His studies began with the guitar at the age of 11, under the guidance of a teacher, but he soon became passionate about electric bass as a self-taught.

Francesco lives experiences in different groups, until the moment in which he reaches stability with "Lost in the Dream".

The group represents a great turning point, a project in which he chooses to invest all of himself; it is with "Lost in the Dream" that he begins to bring his live music to numerous stages in the last 4 years, as well as numerous experiences in various recording studios, flanked by producers and sound engineers such as Federico Ascari and Luca Sala.

With "Lost in the Dream" he rode stages such as that of Fabrique (Milan, Italy), Campus Industry (Parma, Italy) and Alcatraz (Milan, Italy), the latter as an opening to bands of the caliber of "Julian K (Dead by Sunrise)", Chester Bennington's side project group.

He collaborates with various artists of the underground scene and beyond, experiencing live music experiences in clubs in Italy.

Currently in his career two parallel paths coexist: the independent musician and the aforementioned group "Lost in the Dream". 


Youtube channel of Francesco Attanasio

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