Instrument Cables

  • 100% handcrafted, by me, one by one;
  • Built using exclusively italian materials;
  • Using italian handcrafted connectors.

The signal cable is the first and main vehicle that carries the music of our instrument. It is important that it interferes as little as possible, so the musician will have the most amount of sound informations available.

That's how I thought about my signal cables when I decided to make them: they need to interfere as little as possible.

To achieve this goal I decided to entirely review what is actually defined "the state of the art" in the building process of cables for musical instruments. Compared to traditional cables I changed the construction geometry, the number of conductors, the plastic materials in contact with the metal. To make the cable stronger, I increased internal amortization and added an external net sheath. I changed the way soldering is done.

It wasn't enough for me: I decided I wanted to use only Italian materials. Everything that makes up my cables is made in Italy, including hand-assembled connectors.

The result is a line of cables that makes a precise, dynamic and focused sound that does not have the limitations of traditional cables used in the past.

Also the connectors are handcrafted and absolutely made in Italy!

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