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Matteo Raccone

Matteo Raccone (@matteo_raccone) was born on 1 September 1995 in Tortona, in the north-west of Italy. 

At the age of 15 he began studying the electric bass under the guidance of two masters, Andrea Imelio and Nicola Bruno (Mamasuya, Paolo Bonfanti and runner-up at the Euro Bass Day in 2009). After a few years he chooses to study the instrument as a self-taught, mastering the techniques of interest and following various workshops. 

Following the conclusion of some musical experiences that allowed him to play on various stages throughout the country, he decides to devote his time creating online content and teaching.

For 2 years Matteo partially interrupted the study of the electric bass to broaden his knowledge of music production, becoming passionate about recording and mixing techniques as well as expanding his guitar knowledge, choices motivated by the intention to create totally self-produced solo material.

At the end of his university career he had the opportunity to undertake an internship studying the creation of virtual instruments, flanked by the producer and recording/mixing engineer Simone Coen (Chocolate Audio).

His current project is Big Cake, a funk/rock band from Alessandria province. 

In June 2020 joins the Dingwall Guitars roster as an artist. 

Currently works as content creator, teacher and session bass player for national and international productions.


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