Patch Cables

  • 100% handcrafted, by me, one by one;
  • Cable completely handcrafted;
  • Built using exclusively italian materials;
  • Using italian handcrafted connectors.

Effect patches do an important and insidious job. They are the connection way between the various pedals, or between different studio devices and carry the effected signal along the chain. Each patch is a single signal cable, with all its features.

Over the years the various manufacturers have assembled the patches using the normal signal cable, but simply shorter; some have distinguished themselves by proposing systems suitable for the use of connectors that take up little space and ensure ease of assembly.

I tried to do something new and, if possible, more courageous.

Given that the patch cable by its nature does not have to be moved much, and is often of limited length, I decided that I would build it completely by hand. So not a simple commercial or industrial "short piece" of cable, but the result of an handcrafting assembly of conductors, one by one, designed to ensure the best possible sound response.

Each patch is therefore a unique piece, the result of time and patient manual work, designed and created with unique and unrepeatable characteristics.

Inside we find eight conductors in solidcore copper, a shield made with a solid aluminum sheet, all assembled in semi-balanced geometry. The total absence of PVC is a goal.

The soldering follows the same restrictive rules as my other signal cables, the connectors are gold plated (other finishes are available on request).

Their sound is precise and dynamic, suitable for a demanding musician. They keep the signal intact as much as possible, avoiding smudges and distortions at the bandwidth extremes, for results of great sound impact.

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