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Actually based in Hong Kong, playing as session tour bass player for several collaborations.

He’s was born in Italy but he started very soon to live abroad (mainly Europe, New York-US, London-UK) playing with several rock bands with worldwide exposition.

He counts many collaborations during the years with important musicians and touring bands around the world, overall Emil Bandera (DeathSS lead guitarist), Mean Machine, Indiraa, Sweet Surrender, Paolo Morbini (Myland), Chimera, Oxidiana, C.O.D.E., Neropaco.

In London (UK) was stable in 2 “hard rock & glam” bands:

“TANGO PIRATES” by Danny Fury, ex Lords of The New Church / Vain / Sham 69 / Dogs D'amour. 

“INDYA” top chart pop rock glam rock, “Marilyn Manson style”.,

He’s a lover '80/'90’s, particularly bands from America & Europe including Hard Rock, Glam Rock, Hair Metal, Melodic Metal, A.O.R. (Album Oriented Rock).

A proud remember back in the ‘80s, to “Steeplejack” by Maurizio Curadi.

Steeplejack was his first band based in Pisa -Italy.

They became very soon one of the first rock-psychedelic bands in Europe, recording several albums & achieving important top-hit results, touring gigs everywhere for years. Actually, Steeplejack keeps a place in the “The best Italian famous rock ‘80s bands” chart yet.


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