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Sergio Merlino

Sergio Merlino was born in Pisa on 19 September 1967.

He attended the C.P.M. (Centro Professionale Musica) of Milan from 1990 to 1993, following the courses of the double-bass player Attilio Zanchi, earning a diploma in electric bass.

He also attended courses at the Franco Cerri and Enrico Intra Civic Jazz School, following the courses of another double bass player, Marco Vaggi. Later he studied privately with bass player Piero Orsini.

He had work experience for more than 1 year in an orchestra with a vast modern repertoire, performing in Milan nightclubs such as Astoria, Porta d'oro and Gatto Verde.

He played in various local bands (in Milan, Genoa and Pisa) playing all genres: from rock to funky, from italian singer-songwriter to fusion.

He currently plays with the VIII Strada group, and besides teaching he collaborates on various projects with various musicians.

For information and contacts:

tel .: +39 393 5800464



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