Speaker Cables

  • 100% handcrafted, by me, one by one;
  • Cable completely handcrafted;
  • Built using exclusively italian materials;
  • Using italian handcrafted connectors.

I know can be sound strange, but in a set-up system the speaker cable is the one with the most influence on the sound result. The cable carries the amplified signal from the head to the speaker, and its inaccurate selection can cause noticeable changes in timbre and detail into what comes out from the power amplifier.

We should say that actually there are many companies that sell speaker cables, and in most cases they are more or less all the same cables in the geometries and construction features. This classic speaker cable is formed by a pair of multi stranded copper conductors insulated with PVC, twisted together and then inserted into a thick PVC sheath. The lengths are usually around 60".

These features become a standard for the global production, and at least all the differences you will find between models and brands will be relative to the connectors used, the thickness of the two conductors and the quality of the copper inside.

The years passed experimenting with HIFI cables teach me that those "standards" are used for the simple purpose of saving on production costs, in order to be able to offer products that, even if described on promotional blisters as "innovative", are really little in innovations. A more or less pure copper, a fluorescent and charming color...

I decided is time to change everything. I'll never use a "standard" commercial conductor, but I create them entirely using hands, personally.

The first thing I completely removed was PVC. This plastic has the advantage of being cheaper, very flexible and easily colorable... and that's it. In the real life it has a deleterious effect on sound reproduction because it absorbs part of the electrical signal that passes over the copper, degrading the quality of the music. So instead PVC I decided to use only polyethylene, which has much lower impact on the signal, reducing the degradation of the music quality to almost zero.

Then I changed the conductors geometry. Instead of two multi stranded conductors, I used 32 solid core copper conductors, isolated one by one, and twisted together to being a cable with a very low inductance component, usually responsible for attenuating high frequencies.

I have also reduced the lengths, to limit the electrical resistance to the minimum, therefore proposing cables that are as short as possible. This is a completely personal advantage, because every cable is built under personal customer specifications and instructions. So the cable is exactly as long as needed. The shorter the cable, the less it interferes with the final result... and costs less than a long one!

The result is that my cables has far less impact on the sound than any other cable built with "traditional" techniques. They have more dynamic impact, reduced distortions at bandwidth limits and impressive focusing.

Try one to believe.

An example of a 2 ft cable, just finished to build, ready for jack connectors installation.

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