Power Cords

  • 100% handcrafted, by me, one by one;
  • Cable completely handcrafted;
  • Built using most italiam materals (the HIFI class connectors are manufactured in other countries).

Between all the cables used in an audio system the power cord is certainly the most ignored. Yet it does a fundamental job for the entire system: all the electricity, all the "power" that your amp head is able to supply must first pass through this cable.

It therefore becomes important that this step should be more "fluid", and that it is "hindered" as little as possible.

Did you curl your eyebrows with an expression like "what are you saying"? Don't worry, it always happens.

The whole world of manufacturers of electrical equipment, including all audio amplification systems for musical instruments, provides with their products the classic black power cord, made up of 3 conductors of 0.75sqmm. Normally this cable is perfectly capable of carrying up to 2500 watts (10A on 250V), therefore more than enough to feed any combo or set-up system. Now, why it become important to use a different cable?

Let's try a simple example. Suppose we want travel a couple of hundred miles by road with a good little car and then repeat the entire journey in a big luxury car. Both cars are perfectly capable of doing the job, both of them are comfortable and can take us to their destination without any difficult... but at the end of the journey, which one would we prefer?

My power cord will make your amp work more easily. The dynamic impact will be more fluid, you will feel more "freedom" in the execution.

These are hard concepts to explain using words, the only way to understand exactly what I mean is to give it a try. Also in this case "try to believe".

This cable is braided entirely by hand, because there is no manufacturer in the world able to supply me the conductor according to my specifications. It contains four 1.5sqmm conductors, for a total of 6sqmm, for each phase. Eight times bigger than the classic black cord.

Now, if you are one of those who below curled the eyebrows, if you think it's all a "theater show" to sell a cable (which doesn't even cost a little)... I renew the invitation to give it a try.

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