rigotti cables ancona

About us

More than ‘who we are’ I should have written ‘who I am’…

Here I am: I am Gianluca Rigotti, born in 1965, who grew up with a bass guitar in my arms. The love for music has always been there, while the love for cables was born slowly from my other passion, that for high fidelity. I have been building hi-fi cables for 15 years (actually, I haven’t stopped doing it yet) and during all this time I have been thinking about how I could bring the experience I was accumulating into the world of musical instruments.

The result of these reasonings are the cables you see here.

The basic philosophy of my cables is: I want to do things better and different. I have no intention of being one of the many who produce ‘good cables’… the world is already full of ‘good quality’ products. I want to produce cables that are clearly different from the current market standards: they have to sound better, they have to be more robust, they have to last longer, they have to be perceived by the musician as a real link in the chain of his system and not as a mere accessory.

rigotti cables ancona

To achieve this, I decided to change practically everything. When I can, I wind the conductors by hand, I use unusual geometries and sophisticated materials, I don’t rely on foreign components unless I have to. A cable of mine must exceed, and by a lot, the quality levels of what is commercially available. Otherwise, I don’t do it.

If I have intrigued you with my ideas, please contact me: an email, a phone call, you name it…. I am here.


In this video I’m osted by “Eravamo due amici al BASS”, italian video blog directed by Pietro Zaffuto and his channel Uni Versus.

In this video I was interviewed by my friend Luca Raspatelli